Our Projects at the PRAXIS Summer Camp 2023

The PRAXIS Summer Camp takes place from August 7th to 25th in full time (30h/week) and adresses students from all Universities in Bremen. During this time, student teams work on project tasks in collaboration with regional companies and have the opportunity to gain practical experience and network. The topics are Business & Economics, Computer Science & Business Informatics, Industrial Mathematics, Media & Communication and Industrial Engineering.
During this time you can earn 6 CP. Students from Constructor University can cover part of your mandatory internship requirements - details here!
(In addition, TOPAS Industriemathematik offers the possibility to complete the remaining month directly at our company in case of a mandatory internship).

Together with the regional Tech companies Marionom, Trillitec, encoway and OHB digital and the research project Transfer Region Industrial Matematics, TOPAS Industriemathematik deals with industrial mathematics and participates in the Praxis Summer Camp 2023 in the form of projects.

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The Projects

Project #17 - TOPAS Industriemathematik Innovation gGmbH

The project of TOPAS Industriemathematik consists of developing Market Research Guide for Technologies.

It includes information procurement and evaluation. Here, sources of information are to be collected and evaluated with regard to relevance, quality and availability. You and your team will develop a "How-to-Guide" to serve as a guideline for other projects of the PSC group. This will be done in close collaboration with other PSC projects. The results will be presented by the team and will eventually be published.

Learning Areas:

  • Information Retrieval
  • Market Research
  • Business Intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Intellectual Properties
  • Strategy
  • Autonomous Technologies
Project #18 - Transfer Region Industrial Mathematics

With Transfer Region Industrial Mathematics you will develop a Customer Journey for regional companies.

At the beginning the regional business landscape shall be analyzed to get a better understanding of the market. Subsequently, criteria for market segmentation are to be developed in order to be able to carry out a meaningful and significant segmentation. The next step is to identify the touchpoints with the companies. Based on this information, a customer journey will then be developed to help companies better understand their customers and adapt their marketing strategy accordingly.


Learning Areas:

  • Information Retrieval
  • Market Research
  • Business Intelligence
  • Regional Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy


Project #19 - Marinom GmbH

This project is about analysing the Trends of Autonomous Systems in Maritime.

For this purpose, the first task is to deal with autonomous systems in the maritime domain in order to get a deep understanding of the current situation and challenges. This is followed by the selection of different models for a strategic assessment of autonomous systems. The next step is to conduct a market evaluations. Finally, the findings will be presented in the form of strategic recommendations.

Learning Areas:

  • Market Research
  • Consulting
  • Strategic Management
  • Scenario-Techniques
  • Logistics
  • Autonomous Systems
Project #20 - TRILITEC GmbH

The Project of TRILITEC GmbH aims to develop marketing recommendations for trade fairs.

As a team you will understand trade fairs as a marketing channel for the first task. Next, you have to evaluate TRILITEC's current approach to trade fairs and developing creative ideas for online and offline marketing activities. As the next step you will evaluate the different marketing opportunities and summarise the marketing strategy. Finally, you have strategic recommendations that you and your team will present.

Learning Areas:

  • B2B-Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Brand Space Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Customer Relationship Management
Project #21 - Encoway GmbH / OHB Digital Services GmbH / TOPAS Industriemathematik Innovation gGmbH

With Encoway GmbH, OHB Digital Services GmbH and TOPAS Industriemathematik Innovation gGmbH you have the possibility to develop a Joint Employer Branding Strategy.

The project comprises several tasks in the field of employer marketing. First, common strategies for employer branding are to be identified. In doing so, touch points within the organization (DHI) are to be evaluated. Then, employer branding ideas will be prototyped and online and offline marketing activities will be developed. Finally, your team will summarize and present the recommendations.

Learning Areas:

  • Social Marketing
  • Employer Branding
  • Brand Management
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communication
  • Collaborative Strategies


The project teams are located at the Digital Hub Industry, which offers a modern working environment. They receive regular insights into the industry from the project partners and are coached by the TOPAS Business Unit - including social activities as well ;-)


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